How expensive is an F1 racing car?

Formula 1 racing cars have unique designs and feats to every detail. That is why these 300km/h racing cars cost hundreds of million USD.

Formula 1 racing is a sport enjoyed by many passionate fans around the world. However, tracking the race on the TV is easy, while pursuing the passion for F1 cars has never been for ordinary people.

F1 car design has only a single seat and four wheels open quite “naked”. However, the cost parameters to put such a car on the F1 race are enough to break countless car records.

Engine – The most expensive part

The engine of a racing car must be extremely powerful. An F1 car usually uses a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6 engine. The cost of the most expensive engine can be up to 8 – 10 million dollars, the repair cost is about 1/10 of the replacement cost. This cost is quite reasonable for engines with fuel efficiency of 29%.

An interesting fact is that famous aches like Mercedes or McLaren outsource engines from Honda to save some cost. The new engine accounts for only 10% of the value of Formula 1 cars.


F1 racing car has a monocoque chassis design made primarily of carbon fiber and light materials. The allowable weight limit on the chassis is 733 kg. This volume includes the weight of the racer but does not include materials.

The average price of carbon fiber is US $21.5/kg. The F1’s seamless smoke frame structure costs up to $650,000.

Rear wing and DRS system

The wing is an essential part of an F1 car due to its balance of entry requirements. F1 racing cars have a rear wing to adjust the system to reduce traction helps bb acceleration (DRS). This helps the car overcome turbulence when speeding ahead.

On a straight line, the rider can use the DRS system, and when it comes to bends, it opens the rear wing. The car will now run faster, the bends are also a dramatic point in F1 laps. The cost for the rear wing is about $80,000.


Formula 1 cars have gearboxes made from titanium carbon. It has a semi-automatic gearbox with 8 front gears and 1 reverse gear. The cost for the gearbox is nearly 480,000 US dollars. Sometimes, racing teams will upgrade gearboxes to get higher performance. This small change can add up to nearly $160,000 in costs.

Other parts

Formula 1 racing cars have a lot of amazingly designed and expensive parts. And many of these parts are more expensive than current A-class luxury cars. For example, the F1’s automatic record and data transfer system alone is $130,000.

The total value of a basic Formula 1 racing car is about $15.52 million. Speed ​​is something that a car doesn’t do as well as F1. Top racing teams spend up to $450 million a year on the championship, many of which pay for a very small difference in every bend.