The All-Marquez squad may affect Marc

Honda’s decision to pair the newly-dominated MotoGP 2019, Marc Marquez and Alex Marquez, could affect their title competition this season.

After Lorenzo’s decision to retire from the MotoGP racing career after a traumatic disaster in the 2019 season, Honda decided to choose the Moto2 2019 champion, Alex Marquez, on an empty seat to become a teammate with his senior Marc Marquez. Since then, the focus has focused on Alex being able to prove himself worthy of Lorenzo and also under pressure when constantly being compared to his 6-time champion MotoGP?

But, speaking in Germany’s season evaluation video, three-time 500cc champion Rainey shared the Honda Repsol arrangement. He didn’t know if that was the right decision, because he thought Marc would focus on his younger brother now, to make sure Alex was doing well. Previously, he only had to think about how fast he could race. And now, Marc might have more thought that his younger brother was racing on another race car and that another level could keep pace with everyone? This may be another balance and it may affect Marc more than Alex.

Alex Marquez revealed that having a brother and also his teammate in the Honda Repsol race is what makes him feel the pressure as the closer to the opening day of the MotoGP 2020 season.

Alex Marquez affirmed his success as a Moto2 champion was a factor that allowed him to join the Repsol Honda racing team with his brother “Mark Marquez” in the 2020 MotoGP campaign, this convergence is also full of uncertainty suspected because of the sudden retirement announcement of “Lorenzo” before the end of the MotoGP 2019 season contract.

Alex Marquez is also the youngest driver signed a contract with Repsol Honda as a teammate with his brother. Launched in the pilot program at the end of the 2019 season in Valencia and Jerez, Spain. This is considered a new history page that the two Marquez brothers are in the same team. There were rumors that this contract was due to the intervention of “Marc Marquez” but later Marc Marquez confirmed that he was not involved.

Within a few months, the 2020 season will start and readers can witness the new competitions, as well as the strength of this young driver when he is with his brother in the Honda Repsol team 2020.