The accident at the F3 Macau Grand Prix

Van Amersfoort Racing teenage girl Sophia Floersch broke her spine when her car flew off the track in an unimaginable accident at the Formula 3 (F3) race at Macau Grand Prix.

According to AFP, Floersch was conscious and stable after her car crashed into the air and crashed into an area of ​​photographers. In addition to Floersch, the terrible accident caused Japanese driver Sho Tsuboi, a race operator and two photographers to be hospitalized with emergency injuries.

“They are all conscious during the transfer to the hospital and are currently receiving medical treatment. The progress of the victims will be further updated”, the Macau Grand Prix organizing committee said in a statement to local media.

The scene of the crash shows a scene like in the movie when in the right turn at Guia Circuit, Floersch’s car loses control at very high speed and dashes, hitting Tsuboi’s car (TOM’s team Racing), before flying straight into the air, crashing into a safety net. Many debris of the 17-year-old German female rider’s car splashed, causing anyone who witnessed and watched the video to be terrified.

A medical report sent to AFP said Floersch was taken to the emergency room of a Macau hospital with a broken spine but unfortunately did not fall into a life-threatening condition.

The teenage driver later reassured her fans on her Twitter account on the evening of November 18: “I want to let everyone know that I’m fine but will have surgery tomorrow. Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement”.

Among the others injured, the race operator had a broken jaw, while photographer Minami Hiroyuki suffered a concussion, and colleague Chan Weng Wang suffered a liver rupture, according to a report from Macau Grand Prix to AFP.

“I hope everyone is OK after this accident, I want them to recover best”, said European F3 champion Mick Schumacher – son of F1 legend Michael Schumacher and also participated in the race, for know.

The aforementioned accident shows once again the danger of Macau racing. In the past, at least three people were killed at Macau Grand Prix races. British driver Daniel Hegarty died last year after hitting a hurdle at Fishermen’s Bend in the motorbike race. Earlier, in 2012, Macau Grand Prix also witnessed two riders Luis Carreira (Portugal) and Phillip Yau (Hong Kong) died within 2 days.