Former King of Kenya won the New York City Marathon 2019

Geoffrey Kamworor finished first in the New York City Marathon, regaining the title he won at this run in 2017.

Kamworor completed the full marathon (42,195 kilometers) at New York City Marathon 2019 in 2 hours 8 minutes 13 seconds.

Kamworor once won the 2017 New York City Marathon and he holds the record for running a world marathon, 58 minutes per second, set on September 15.

23 seconds later Kamworor was Albert Korir, from Kenya. Ethiopian Girma Gebre came in third with a time of 2 hours 8 minutes 38 seconds. The weather in New York on November 3, according to CNN, is ideal for a race with mild sunshine and a temperature of about 7 degrees C. Kamworor runs 38 kilometers comfortably, leading up with Gebre, Korir, two legs Running Ethiopia is Shura Kitata and Tamirat Tola. The champion of 2017 then sprinted at the last kilometers to finish first. Tola and Kitata came in fourth and fifth respectively.

“I feel comfortable. It’s a good race. At the 38th kilometer, I’m still feeling good, so I decided to jump up”, Kamworor told CNN after the race.

Kamworor is only 26 years old but is appreciated by the hiking community. According to the biography on the New York City Marathon website, Kamworor walks to school and goes home 5 kilometers every day. “Kamworor is a hard-working student who dreams of becoming a lawyer. He was admitted to a college in the US to study law, but then decided to switch to athletics”, the paragraph said.

In his home town of Kenya, Kamworor usually trains with Eliud Kipchoge, who made history when running the marathon sub2 in October.

“I know Eliud, my teacher, my partner is waiting at the finish line. I focus on playing because I don’t want him to be disappointed”, Kamworor told Runner’s World.

In the women’s content, Joyciline Jepkosgei, Kenyan, finished first with a record of 2 hours 22 minutes 38 seconds right in the first marathon distance. This 25-year-old runner has a record of running 10 kilometers for women with a time of 29 minutes 43 seconds.

The runner-up was Mary Keitany, 2 hours 23 minutes 32 seconds. Keitany won the New York City Marathon 4 times in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018. In the next position is Ruti Aga, Ethiopia, with a time of 2 hours 25 minutes 51 seconds.