The 2 most attractive racing world in the world

Speed – beautiful but equally dangerous, the racing tour in the world gives fans a lot of emotion.

Both cars and motorcycles have fierce, mighty, high-coverage races like F1 and MotoGP but can be as dangerous and risky as the Isle of Man TT.

1. F1 (Formular One)

Formula 1 racing (Formular One) is the highest race for cars. Originating from street races in France from the early 20th century, until 1950, the race was officially recognized at Silverstone (England). The name “formula 1” represents a series of technical requirements that teams and riders must adhere to. From the start up to now, these elements have been constantly changing to suit the development of technology, as well as increasing the appeal of the race.

Every year there are two championship awards awarded to the racing team and riders. Up to now the world record holder is still Michael Schumacer with 7 championships, including 5 consecutive times from 200-2004. Ferrari is the team that won the most championships. The race is built in separate areas, or even in the street as in Monaco (France), this is also the most important race of F1.

The average speed of the track is always over 200 km / h, the maximum speed is over 300 km / h. Pole position is the starting position, one day before each official race, the riders will participate in the race to win the pole position. F1 is a favorite sport and watched all over the world because of the appeal of speed, technology and beautiful people after the pitch.

2. MotoGP

If F1 is the most famous in the open-wheel car segment, MotoGP (Grands Prix) is best known in the world motorcycle village. Speed ​​in MotoGP is no less on the F1 race, but the attraction is even more possible, because the image of each hugging the land, hiding the wind speed that the drivers draw a lot more ‘adventure’ with F1. MotoGP comes from motor racing events held on the Isle of Man on the island between England and Ireland. After World War II, the international organization of FIM motorcycles (Federation Internationale De Motorcyclisme) organized today’s GP race.

MotoGP includes 3 categories: Moto3, Moto2 and MotoGP. Moto3 previously used for 125 cc vehicles, now upgraded to a 4 stroke 250 cc engine, maximum weight of 65 kg of gasoline. Previous Moto2 for 250 cc, now raised to 4 then 600 cc. MotoGP has increased from 800 to 1,000 cubic meters since the 2012 season. MotoGP is the largest of the three, with 18 GPs held worldwide annually.