3 biggest motor racing events in the world

Currently, there are many world motor racing competitions held for different types of cars to determine the reputation and success of the participating automakers. Motorbike racing has become a sport in which riders are trained very strictly and seriously, and the quality of each bike will be shown in these races.


The world of Motocross (or MX) is similar to other motorbike races, but the biggest difference is the harsh off-road conditions. The closed-loop is built to challenge all riders including a mixture of dirt, sand, mud, and grass even simulating rough terrain. Because of the harsh conditions of the track, the attendees often focus on suspension, good suspension to meet the terrain. Motocross is also distinguished by the different awarding format, sometimes with extra prizes for riders who overcome certain challenges in the race. Of course, the driver who finishes first wins the championship within the allotted time or the number of laps depending on the way the race is organized.


The world supercross motorcycle racing tournament is a variant of Motocross but held indoors. Often held in stadiums with a different race condition than the steering wheel technique. In North America, Supercross is very developed. However, in Europe, Motocross still dominates and people distinguish these two races by the way of organizing and temporarily calling Supercross to be held indoors and Motocross is outdoor.


The Supermoto world motorbike race is a mixed race combining asphalt and terrain. The type of motorbikes that participated in the race was mostly from the terrain of the Motocross. Due to the use of special terrain vehicles, so the technique of cornering is also very different, compared to other races such as MotoGP or Superbike, the commonly used cornering technique is the knee-lowering technique, but in Supermoto the driver will hug the crab with a straightened leg and use the car’s inertia to get a nice face.


Enduro is a genre of off-road racing that focuses on challenging the durability of the vehicle and the driver. Normally each driver must complete a race of more than 10 miles (more than 15km) of terrain through the forest. The race will set many stages with the goal of completing within a certain time, and there will be penalties if done earlier or late, so the punctuality factor is most important. A standard race usually takes place within 3-4 hours, some other races take a longer time. In national or international tournaments, the race can take place for many days, the maintenance of vehicles is strictly controlled during the race to ensure fairness.